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Products designed to meet the needs of mothers-to-be.

Active stretch mark serum

Active stretch mark serum is an effective and safe product that prevents stretch marks in women of all ages and types of skin. It is especially recommended for pregnant women and in the postpartum period, where the risk of stretch marks is very high. The uniqueness of our product is based on the combination of ingredients that strongly lubricate and maintain adequate skin elasticity, regenerate and anti-inflammatory and have an effect on the process of triglyceride synthesis in adipocytes. The perfect combination of active ingredients in one preparation without preservatives, dyes and fragrances.

Purified lanolin

Purified lanolin has hypoallergenic properties, which have been proven by research into the safety of use in people with dry, sensitive skin and those suffering from severe dermatological problems. It is a unique product imitating skin lipids. It improves the natural protective barrier of the skin, retains water, prevents drying and skin irritation, reducing roughness. Ointment intended for the care of irritated, dry and mechanically damaged skin. Recommended for nipples (during breastfeeding) and cracked lips.

Anti hair loss serum

Anti hair loss serum aims to overcome hormonal hair loss which usually begins around the third month after childbirth. For some it is short-lived, while for others it is very long-lasting and is a very troublesome problem. It is also perfect for men with alopecia related to having a new family member.

SOS in scar treatment

Scars are unsightly souvenirs that arise as a result of breaking the skin. Although they are a natural consequence of wound healing, they can be a source of discomfort and complexes. How to get rid of them?

Medical silicone

Innovative dry silicon gel for treatment of scars of various types and prevention of unnatural scarring in the form of keloid and hypertrophic scars. The silicone gel can be used at an early stage of wound healing. It reduces surface water loss while maintaining an adequate level of hydration.

Scar and wrinkle superhero

Extremely effective product that uses the discoveries of world dermatology. An innovative scar cream with a well-established and clinically proven scarring and wrinkle-reducing effect is a preparation containing revolutionary copper peptides and palmitiol pentapeptide.

Ichthyol for problematic skin

Highly effective recipes for irritated, sensitive and diseased skin care containing Ichthyol.

  • Bath emulsion with Shale Oil
  • Bath Emulsion with Ichthyol
  • The balm after bath with Shale Oil
  • Cream with Shale Oil

Protection of the skin microbiome

The therapy restoring the skin barrier is an indispensable element of dermatological treatment.

Our barrier line offers products tailored to the care and conditioning of the skin, depending on the changes and trends that occur. Creams help to improve and maintain the integrity of the skin barrier and prevent the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms. This mechanism consists in creating a lipid protective layer on the skin, which as a result of the ongoing inflammation lost its protective properties.

Depending on the possible identification of changes, we offer recipes that strengthen the skin barrier and accelerate the regeneration of lesions and reduce disease complaints.

  • Cream for psoriasis and AD conditions (pathological dryness)
  • Cream for inflammation of allergic origin (antihistamine effect)
  • Cream for inflammation of the nature of dermatoses (barrier effect)

Other lines

Acerbi offers the creation of a product from the concept to the production of the finished brand. If you have not found a product that interests you, please contact us and we will design your future together.

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